About Me

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Welcome to ALL CAPS DATA where I blog about my data viz journey. This is where I will share my thoughts on some of the vizzes I create, as well as other ideas and inspiration regarding data visualization, data literacy, and analytics.

So who am I?
I’m Lisa and I’m a BI consultant based in beautiful Frankfurt, Germany. About a year ago, I graduated with a PhD in Theoretical Physics. As you might imagine, my visualizations looked pretty different these days. But even then, I was fascinated by the power of data and awesome data visualizations. And now I get to work with data every day: As a consultant, I help clients harvest the full potential of their data & analytics. As a Tableau trainer, I teach newbies and more advanced users the skills to create great dashboards. And as a data literacy coach, I show how to create and interpret impactful data visualizations.

So, as you can see, I’m still fairly new to this. But I hope you’ll come and join me on this ride and enjoy the content I put out along the way. And please do reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn – being in this together is a lot more fun!