My 2021 data viz resolutions

After looking back at the year that was in my last two posts, it’s now time to think about what lies ahead. So here are my new year’s resolutions for 2021:

  • Quality over quantity – 2020 was all about putting as much content out there as possible. This year, I want to push myself to put the best possible content out there even if it means not making as many vizzes as last year.
  • Creating my own content – Most of the vizzes I created in 2020 were initiated by one of the many great community initiatives like MakeoverMonday. That also means that most of the time I did not really chose the topic myself. So, this year, I’ll try to create more content of my own accord. 
  • Data storytelling – Many of the vizzes I made in 2020 were pretty simple. Most often they were straight to the point with a single chart. This year, I want to improve my data storytelling. I want to focus more on longform vizzes, dashboarding and vizzes containing multiple charts. 
  • Collaboration – I would love to work on some vizzes together with someone from the dataviz community. So, if you’re reading this and this sounds like something you could imagine doing – please get in touch with me!