#MakeoverMonday Week 43 – Apparel exports

Week 43 of #MakeoverMonday gave us a dataset about the consequences of the COVID pandemic on US apparel suppliers. 

I tried timeboxing again and limited myself to an hour. Here’s my result:

I myself are honestly suprised by this result: First time I’ve ever used a Comet chart and I rarely do dark backgrounds. I think the comet chart works well in this case where we want to compare values for two years.

But, in one respect, this viz is kind of a cop-out. I really struggeled with orientation – which field should I put on which axis? Usually, I follow two rules rather dilligently:

  • Time goes left to right – so on a horizontal axis
  • Categories go top to bottom – so vertical axis

In this viz, I really struggeled finding a compromise because we had two different time dimensions (years and months) and for some reason I couldn’t find a combination I liked. So due to my time-constraint I coped out in the end and simply aggregated the months to avoid the problem.

In hindsight, I should have included the months and could have ended up with something like this: